Corn Chip Chili Pie

10 Oct

Oh man this is gooooooooood!! Deliciousness right here. Corn Chip Chili Pie. Not sure why exactly it is a pie. It’s really just like a walking taco. It’s fantastic.


I got boo’d today! How fun! Read about it here. It made me pretty happy to find a cute present on my doorstep this morning.


I’m thinking Jase is going to have to make this for Ella.

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Niko and Molly played together today in our neighborhood common area. They love each other. Molly nearly jumps out of her skin when she sees him. Niko tries to play it cool but everyone knows he is just as much in love. Typical boy girl thing. Beau was also there but was very much afraid of the big dogs. Niko plays so hard that he almost always injures his pads. Today he took many layers off of his upper paw knob thing. (like my terminology?) I figured he could use a night of Neosporin and dressing so he doesn’t lick it even more raw.







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