The Big Christmas Post

26 Dec

Wow, I’m a bit late. Ella has been keeping me busy that is for sure. Here’s a recap on Ella’s first Christmas.

On Christmas morning Jase and I volunteered at the church at 10am. Hardly anyone was there. Right after that we came over to the Rettig Jrs. house (my parents) where Ella was sleeping in the pack in play. We tried to sneak that nap in before presents and breakfast so she would be happy.

My dad made us all breakfast since all of us seemed to be sick with something. He didn’t want everyone spreading germs. He made sausage, biscuits, bacon, cinnamon rolls and potatoes. He pulled it off quite nicely and had it all ready at the same time. Ella woke up mid breakfast and enjoyed some biscuits and potatoes.

We then opened lots and lots of presents. This is one spoiled little girl. She enjoyed everything that she got. Her favorite toy is probably the wooden stacking rings that she got from my mom. Too fun. She loves to crawl acorss the room to knock the ring tower down. She gets a little glimmer in her eye everytime she sees them. Here are some quick pictures from the morning.

Ella had another great Christmas at my families house. Jase and I volunteered at the church for an hour Christmas morning. There were more volunteers than there were kids so it was super easy. Ella stayed home with my mom and took a nap so she would be all rested for the festivities. Ella slept until we got there and then some. My dad made breakfast since we were al l “contagious”. He made potatoes, sausage, bacon, biscuits, eggs and cinnamon rolls. It was delicious. He managed to get it all done at the same time in time to eat! After breakfast we opened presents. Ella got lots of good gifts! Here are some pictures from the big day!

I think Ella’s favorite gift was her snow globe with a picture of her mommy and daddy on each side. She also loves her wooden stacking rings. Paige got her some adorable shoes and a cute hat that you can see her modeling in the pictures.

Our little family did Christmas in Christmas eve day. Ella had fun unwrapping the presents. She loved we full size lovey. Jason’s big gift was a kindle. Mine was a new set of sewing scissors, a pair of shoes and a one time house cleaning!

Next year will be even more fun than this year when you can see her eyes light up at the sight of Christmas!











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