Interesting Info on Ella

10 Jan

Ella is in the process of learning the word, “No!” Right now she just thinks it’s funny. She has officially tested me for the first time. The bottom frame of her mirror is loose right above her changing table. She has been pulling on it and when I tell her “No!”, she laughs. However, today, she showed me two things. 1.) She knows she is not supposed to do it. 2.) She wants to test me. She grabbed ahold of the mirror ever so slightly unlike usual. Then she turned her little eyes and looked at me with anticipation of that no. She knows it’s a bad idea and she wanted to know if I really meant it. And I did. And I let her know. 🙂

Another thing to note, Ella officially knows her first command. “Ella, look!” She immediately stops and looks at whatever you are trying to show her. I also think she is picking up on “Do you want some water?” It’s crazy to think that she is actually processing things I say now. I love it!

Her doctor said that since I am giving her a bottle so rarely now that I should just give her milk in a sippy cup when she would usually take a bottle. He said it is pointless to give her a bottle if I am just going to take it away in three months. Good point. No more bottles for Ella! Klean Kanteens girly!

Sunday, I had a shower for one of my good friends, Heather. She is having a little boy who is sure to be adorable and super sweet. Here are some great pics from the day. We had so much fun. I made tons of food but also got tons of great stuff from Costco. Never can go bad there for parties.

After that we headed down to Scott and Christies to go to Connors first birthday party. How is that possible?? He was just a tiny tiny baby coming to see Ella in the hospital! Connor was cautious about his cake at first but then dove right in after a few bites and got red and black icing all over him. He then opened his presents. He was entertained by everything but the actual presents. Too funny! I’m sure Ella will just be thrilled with her books. Ha!

Today we also had some fun! We went to BSF in the morning when Ella made her first BSF debut. The ladies said she did great and was very social and played nicely. Hard to believe. 🙂 After that we went to my friend Ashelighs’ house. We had lunch and Cohen, Charlene and Ella played. For some reason I didn’t manage to get a picture with Charlene but Ella and Cohen got a cute picture. I will sneak one of her cute self next time.

Tomorrow I have a busy day! I am going to breakfast with mom to mom in the morning at church. Then Jill comes in at 3 and I have knitting night at 7. That’s good because I sure didn’t get any knitting done since the last knitting night. And to think that 1 year ago I was down on friends and things to do. God can sure change your life around quickly!


I’ll give Ella a kiss from you all!








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