4 Feb

Woohoo! Today marks the official day of Ella standing. I went into her room this morning and she had pulled herself to her knees. During her nap she pulled herself all the way up to a stand and kind of freaked out not knowing what to do. Jason had to go in and lay her down. She slept three hours after that. (me too!) Now she is standing behind her walker for longgg periods of time and even taking little steps when it moves forward without her!


Baby girl is growing up!

Swimming lessons have been delayed one week due to illness with the instructor. Bummer but we don’t want to catch it!

I made her two swim diapers and plan to make some more. I didnt enjoy the fold over elastic but I figured it out after a few tries. They came together quite nicely.



Can you believe it was almost sixty degrees two days ago? We enjoyed every bit of it.


Ella has been in swim lessons at the Natatorium recently and has really enjoyed it. The lessons has helped with her not liking water in her face during her bath. Kristen got some great pictures of it.




Hehe! She loves it.


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