Valentines Day

14 Feb

Wow! Ella actually got excite about Valentines day! She quickly threw her cards aside to get to all the candy and the new frog her daddy got her! She was rolling around and “loving” on the candy. She holds it up like its her lovie right by her nose and sucks her other fingers. 🙂 I think she had a pretty good first Valentines day!


Ella saw her first train today! I was on my way to BSF when we got stopped on 136. I wound down the window for her to hear and see it and she started crying a bit! She is normally not afraid of a single thing! I’m sure she was just tearing up in amazement.


Ella is getting to a stage where she eats much better when she actually feeds herself. First sign of wanting to be independent I am sure. Sometimes she won’t even eat unless she can do it by herself. This happened at Chipotle the other day. She pretty much insisted that she eat her rice and beans by herself. 🙂 Needless to say, I was on my hands and knees cleaning the rice off the floor before we left and was also hanging her over the edge of the trash can shaking the beans from her jeans. Totally worth it to see her joyfully stuff her face with some of the best stuff on this side of the Earth!




I finished her leg warmers! I’m onto a aubergine colored sweater now! 🙂


Happy First Valentines Day little baby girl! I hope you have many many great ones to come! Love you!


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