16 Feb

What did you have for lunch today?



Or this…?


Ella is the greatest eater alive. I think it is Gods gift to me. I will forever be grateful.

I jinxed myself yesterday. I was telling someone how Ella doesn’t have the “exploring” gene yet. Well, today she found that gene and expressed it. Niko came running into the kitchen crying and trying to get my attention. I went to find ella and she had crawled into the front room which she has never done before. Notice the rearranged rug. Niko likes to rearrange things when the UPS man comes to our door. Anywho, baby girl is on the move! And boy is she getting fast!

You can now hold her by her hands and she will take awkward little tiny steps all over the room.

She has been super happy the past couple of days and I love it. There is nothing like hearing her and daddy playing. She giggles until she can hardly breathe when he plays all the games she loves such as daddy roller coaster, throwing her up in the air, “boo!”, and her personal favorite, daddy rubbing the top of his head on her belly. Gets her every time!

Sometimes when she is sleeping, I tell Jase, “Bunny just whispered into the monitor that she needs a hug.” 🙂



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