Brother Niko

26 Feb


Let me tell you a little something about your big brother Niko.

He loves you. He is a fantastic dog and I hope that you have memories of him long after he is gone when you get older. He is also a Doberman. Many people view Dobermans as aggressive, mean, strong, powerful…etc. Niko is pretty much none of those things. Sure, he probably would be powerful and strong if need be, but I don’t think one would ever see aggression or meanness com out of him towards another human. He doesn’t have much confidence in himself. He is definitely a lover. Niko’s favorite activities include popping bubbles, sleeping under the covers, and hunting down beetles in the summer. See what I mean?

Tonight, Niko displayed his personality all too well. He does not like cold weather. Not one bit. Your Grandma knit Niko a little cowl for his little neck. He was wearing it all night when I saw this…



Not only is he wearing a cowl, he collapsed down right by the heat vent AND he is using the curtains as a blanket. It i 72 degrees in our house! 72 degrees. It is not cold by any stretch of the imagination. He is a goof ball. I just had to capture this.

You love Niko. Every time you see him, or a picture of him, you say “Dog” in your own little baby way. I understand what you are saying though. You like to smile when you see him. You’re favorite game to play with him is ball. He always bring you his ball and lays down by you. You invariably reach out of it and he lets you steal it from it. At the first inkling of you handing it to him he will grab it ever so gently out of your tiny hands. Sometimes you even roll the ball for him. Maybe out of chance but I choose to believe you are picking up on his silly games. He knows he is not allowed to just take any toy, even his own, from you. You love all of his toys. You even love his treats.


He doesn’t eat treats right away if they are special. He will galavant around the house and savor them for upwards of three days before he partakes in them. Crazy boy. Occasionally things will get really quiet and I will hear whining coming from him. I go into the living room an find you caught red handed trying to eat Niko’s treat while he watches on in complete distress knowing that he cant do a thing. Too funny. So far you have always been willing to give him his treat back.

You see, Niko is a good dog. I hope your next dog, which you will likely remember better, will be just a good natured as Niko.

Niko is laying in his bed (our old chair) on the other side of the room right now sleeping. Sometime in the wee hours of the night he will come into bed with us and I will involuntarily lift up the sheets for him to get under while I am still sleeping. He keeps me warm. I think I keep him warm too. Soul and body. For both parties.

If you treat Niko nicely I am sure he will be a fierce monster hunter for you every night as you grow up.



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