1 Mar

Poor poor Ella. She is a sick. She got a good one this time. I felt something was up Tuesday night. She was really cranky before bed. I thought she was just tired but she reached up and put her hands by her ears. She wasn’t necessarily pulling on them or anything like that. I wouldn’t have thought much of it had I not already been super anxious about going on a cruise with a sick baby. I have visions of us in a crowded, loud, confusing Mexican hospital. πŸ™‚ So I decided right then and there to wake up early and go to the doctor. Dr. Miller wasn’t in so I saw another doctor named Dr. Stoez. Funny story…I went to school with his daughter. I had to roll out of bed and get ready in 20 minutes. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that might be near impossible. I really enjoy taking my sweet time to get ready in the morning. I don’t do unnecessary things, I just kind of go slow at everything. Well, I hurried and I made it in time for her 10:30 appointment. ( I know, laugh. ) He looked in one ear and said “Yep, it’s infected.” Then looked in the other, “Yep, it’s infected.” Bummer. Real. Big. Bummer. Poor baby girl had been having ear problems and didn’t have the words to tell me. She had been such a good sport about it too. She wasn’t overly cranky. Just more sleepy than normal. He gave us some non-refigeration needed antibiotics and we started them yesterday with hopes that she would be feeling much better by today. Before bath time I took her temperature and she was running a 100.5 fever. Low, but not comforting for someone that is already worried about a sick baby in foreign territory. She took a bath just fine and was sound asleep before we barely got out of the room. When you lay her down, she doesn’t even move. Just falls asleep. So sad.

We decided to get some fresh air today with our friends Ashleigh and Cohen who we met at Mommy Baby Yoga at Clarian North. We went to Eagle Creek Park and strolled. Ella was 100% relaxed in her stroller. Think sloth in a tree only even more relaxed because she didn’t have to hold on to anything. We brought our dogs with us. They thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. We even took a pit stop to swing a little where Ella vegged a little more. Cohen was a trooper and super mom Ashleigh carried him in an ergo carrier the whole time. I would have been bent over in back pain!

Unfortunately, Jase and I had to run some errands tonight to get ready for the big trip tomorrow. He only had 2 pairs of shorts and I needed to flippy flops. We ran into Old Navy. Jase bought Ella two toys for her “Get All Bedder Kit”. We stopped at Skyline Chili for dinner. Great, and I repeat, great place for to take kids. First of all, they gave us a free “Squiggle Plate”. How cute! It had spaghetti, beans and cheese on it. She didn’t eat hardly any of it. Poor girl. She normally would have gobbled it all up. Second, they have bibs. They might be adult sized but they have bibs! πŸ™‚ Only problem, they have carpet flooring. Not conducive to babies eating. Ella is getting picky about wanting to eat food by herself. She will eat more and is much happier about it when she eats it herself. Silly girl.



Sorry if I repeat myself in these posts. Things are a bit hazy sometimes. Kids have a way of doing that to you. Let’s just say, if I repeat it, it must be important.

My mom and I went and picked up her new dog last night. Her name is Aggie. I prefer to call her Agatha. She is a shit tzu bichon mix. It’s a shi-chon. She is tiny tiny and very sweet. 10 weeks old. We drove to Timbuktu to pick her up (Bloomington) from a breeder down there. Grannie can’t wait to get her in lessons!




Tomorrow is our big day. I feel totally relaxed about it as of right now. We drop Niko off at 9:30ish and then head to the airport. I really hope Ella doesn’t experience any discomfort on the plane. I would hate that for her. We fly to Charlotte and pick up Joe. Then we all fly together to New Orleans where we are staying the night. Then we wake up and head to the port! Fun stuff! I’m going to try and keep this all updated as we go. I won’t be able to upload anything to the internet until we get home though. Maybe at a port but I really doubt it. Whoever out there in blog land, who reads this…especially Becca :)…will have a lot to read when they get back. Hopefully. Here is Ella getting all geared up!



It’s off to more packing. I had to sit on my suitcase to get it closed. That can’t be a good sign. I’m afraid to open it. I might have to rough it tonight and tomorrow morning so I don’t have to open it.

This is the Great Lovey Roundup! I got all of Ella’s lovies from all over the house and our cars and washed them. Ella would die of sheer joy if she saw this pile of fresh, fluffy lovies.


I hope you get better sweet Ella. I hate when you are sick. It hurts me!


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