7 Mar

Well, vacation got the best of me and I haven’t written in a few days. We are having a great time! No one is sick yet. Also, no one has fallen overboard.

We are eating like kings and queens. I am indulging at any chance I get including my nightly visit to the Cafe Promenade for two soft chocolate chip cookies to enjoy the next morning. I had Ben and Jerrys in a waffle cone last night. One scoop chocolate chip, one scoop cookie and cream. Yum!

Ella is continuing to do great. She is waking up earlier than normal but not too bad. We are usually up around 7:30-8:00am. I think there is a time change from Indy though. I want to say that it is one hour behind so really she is waking up at 8:30-9:00am her time which really isn’t all that early. She is eating great. It was so cute to watch her eat a crab cake and the cabbage salad that came with it. Sh loved it! She was upset when it was gone. She gets a banana for dessert every night!

Jewelry class went well! I made a necklace. We still have earrings and a bracelet to make in the next two classes.


We have been to two ports already. Cozumel was the first one. It was basically shop after shop of diamond stores and souvinieres. It brought back a few memories of Mexico with the family when I was little. I found a shirt for my dad that he had gotten from one of our trips years and years ago. I also got some mexican vanilla and some hot sauce for Brenton. It was a nice tourist place but it wasn’t very clean or very pretty. Ella thought it was fantastic. She fell asleep while Joe was holding her. Ella never ever sleeps on people so this was rare. Even more rare was that Jill held her from Joe and then put her in the stroller and she didn’t wake up with all that movement. Then we put her in he carseat and she still slept. Thats one tired girl because she hasn’t done that her whole entire life.




The port we went to today was Grand Caymen. It was very pretty. The water was a gorgeous blue. So beautiful. It was a little more aesthetically pleasing. We bought coconut water as soon as we walked into the port. A guy had got all the coconut from a tree just before he brought it down. He chopped the tops off, made a hole, and put a straw in it. It was okay. I was expecting a much more coconutty taste. It was sweet but also salty at the same time. I think it would have been much better if it were chilled. We had lunch at Hard Rock and walked around to pretty much the same shops as Cozumel only add a few watch shops into the mix. Jason picked out his whole birthday and Christmas present. Silly guy. Now there is no more fun for the rest of the year. I got a lovely scarf and a magnet to add to our collection. We also found a candy store that I went in and stocked up on a lot of candy.





The next topic…ice skating. 🙂 Our boat actually has an ice skating rink. Last night Becca, Maddie and I went skating. I haven’t done that in a good long while. It was extremely hard. We managed to do a few little half circles and go around the rink in circles. The best part about the rink is that they have shows. Tonight we went to the seven pm show and loved it. Ella actually really enjoyed it too. She stared at it about 75% of the way through until she realized that Joe had glasses on and buttons on his shirt. He was holding her so she found that more interesting after a while. It was amazing what the ice skaters could do on such a limited arena.



Most of the family goes to the game shows at night and those are a lot of fun. Jason continues to be a trooper and stays in the room with Ella. Although Jill did offer to watch Ella with the monitor tonight since it works in her room through the wall but Jase said no and that he just wanted to stay int he room all night.

Lets see…what else? I lost 10 dollars REALLY fast at Roulette. Not fun but I enjoyed making five dollars last a really long time at the two cent slots. 🙂 Tomorrow we are in Jamaica. Ella made a little stuffed animal “Pets at Sea”. Its a “kitty” as she tries to say. Tomorrow I am hoping to wake up early enough to take her to the baby play time. She loves it. The boat is still rocking quite a bit. Not bad. I really do like it. It makes me very sleepy. The ocean has been pretty rough for our trip. People walk sideways sometimes. At least everyone moves in the same direction. Last night at dinner there was a vase that fell off the piano mid song. It was a pretty loud bang!



Only three more days. I have never wanted a vacation to not be over as much as I do on a cruise. It’s just like a whole other world on a boat. We saw our first cruise boat, The Solstice as we were pulling into the Grand Caymen. It was a nice boat! Brought back some memories. I think that boat and this boat are equal in niceness but the Solstice was definitely newer and a little more modern. Not that this one is bad though. The Solstice catered more to the older more laid back group. Royal Caribbean seems to be more family oriented which is for sure what we need now.

Ella lovesss the rolls. So do we because it keeps her busy at dinner!

Well, I better get going. I need some sleep before our big day in Jamaica tomorrow!



Well I better go get some sleep before our big day in Jamaica tomorrow!


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