End of Cruise and Swimming

16 Mar

Well time definitely got away with me. It has been almost a week since we got back from vacation.

Jamaica was awesome. It was raining when we got into port but it stopped shortly after and the sun came out. There was lots of shopping and some other fun things. Ella and I both got our hair braided. I just got four braids. Ella got her whole head done. I think every single person on the ship saw her that day. There was not a single person that didn’t comment on how cute she was. I think it was getting to Ella towards the end of the day. She was becoming more and more bashful about it as the day went on. Too much attention! I got my first Pandora bracelet. Yay! I didn’t even know about them until this trip. I think they are pretty neat. It’s a nice way to have meaningful, quality jewelry. While in Jamaica, I got a pineapple from a woman at a fruit stand. It was pretty much the most risky thing I did the entire trip and I am still alive to tell you about it. It was very good. Super sweet. There was a man who cut the fruit up for me and put it in a little plastic bag. I have cut many a pineapple in my day and this man cut it in the most unusual way I have ever seen. We didn’t stay too long in Jamaica as we were eager to get back on the ship, take a nap, and enjoy the rays from the pool and look out at the beautiful beach scene. It really was gorgeous.






Oh and I almost forgot. While we were in the craft market everyone started running to one part of the area we were in. I asked a lady who worked there what was going on and she said that Prince Harry was there. I didn’t believe her! I thought maybe it was an impersonator. Well, turns out, it was him! He was there visiting the British Islands in honor of his Grandma, the Queen!


Jamaica was very beautiful but many people said that once you went outside the gates that we were in, it was very dangerous. There are also a lot of drugs in Jamaica. The area we were in was actually built by Royal Caribbean not too long ago so it was pretty nice.

That night on the boat, they had the “Quest” game show. The most hilarious thing ever. I wish I would have gotten a video of that one. I also played hardcore Bingo and lost big time. 🙂 Ella and I learned that the kids pool in the front of the ship was a place that Ella could swim in without anyone saying anything although she still technically wasn’t allowed to. I got in for a bit with her before scrapbooking class. 🙂 She loved it. She floated a bit and I dunked her a few times. There were some kids in the pool that were talking a mile a minute to me about how they had a 1 year old sister at home. Becca was in the pool with us too. The little girl insisted on holding Ella so I let her. I kept one hand on Ella of course. 🙂 Ace had a talent show on the last day where he played some musical instruments and danced. It was very cute to see all the kids at the talent show. Ace announced that he wanted to be a “fighterfighter” when he grows up. Too cute!






Travels home were great. We flew from New Orleans to Atlanta then home. Ella was awake and happy the whole time. She didn’t have any problems with her ears. Thank goodness! It was nice to be home but given the opportunity, I would never ever in a million years, voluntarily get off a cruise ship. Cruises are, by far, the best vacations ever. They are relaxing, fun, entertaining, extremely not boring, easy and always have good food. It’s impossible not to have fun on a cruise ship regardless of how many different types of people you have in your group.

Ella is blooming with personality every day. She is becoming very very mommy oriented. Any time I set her down she freaks. She also stiffens her legs sometimes and screams when I walk away from her and someone else is holding her. If she doesn’t like something she will stiffen her back, arch it, and throw her head back. I just lay her down on the floor and walk away. Not only is it a pain, it could be pretty dangerous if she does it when you aren’t expecting it. It could make you drop her for sure. She laughs her head off when you discipline her. She was biting while nursing the other day. She wasn’t responding at all to firm voice or screaming. I started pinching her. She laughed so hard. I pinched her extremely hard the last time and she STILL laughed! I was changing her today and she was playing with the cord on her video camera monitor. I very very sternly said NO and raised my voice. She laughed. I did all that and swat at her hand. Still laughed. She is going to be one tough cookie. 🙂 That’s okay. Bring it on!!

She is becoming much more of a lover too. She is getting more cuddly and is trying to say new words all the time. We have consistency in the words dad, cat, dog, ball, and doll. She says mom when she is really really upset of mad. None of those words would sounds like anything to anyone but me. Too cute.

Ella is refusing to stand up and/or practice walking. I’m not really sure what is going on but she just sits as soon as she puts weight on her feet. She won’t pull up on anything but her toy basket. I’m not worried. Just kind of find it interesting. She will learn in time. No rush!

No teeth!

Ella went back to the doctor yesterday to make sure her ears were better. They didn’t have pus in them like they did before, they just had fluid so that is good. She also has little eczema spots on her back. You can’t see them. You can only feel a little rough patch. Moisturizer were the doctors orders. I started talking to Dr. Miller about weaning at one year. We were talking about her eating schedule. My favorite quote from him, “You are not her slave.” How true. And how fast this generation has forgotten that. You can love your children 110% but still have a life of your own and not bend over at their every whim. I love Dr. Millers outlook on everything. I always leave his office feeling better than when I went in.

I put Ella down in the grass yesterday while I pulled a few weeds in the garden. Funny funny girl. I think it might have been the first time that she has sat in grass. She held her hands up by her face and cried with this pitiful look on her face. She didn’t want to touch the grass and she wouldn’t crawl anywhere. She doesn’t strike me as a girly type so I think it was more the texture of it than anything. I’m going to get a video of it the next time I sit her down.

The weather has been AMAZING the past weeks. I have been wearing shorts, tanks and flip flops. It’s so nice to not have to worry about coats and all the things that come along with winter. We have been so spoiled this winter. I hope next winter isn’t bad because I am not ready for it at all.

Jill comes in for a hot minute tomorrow and goes back to Charlotte before coming back again next Tuesday for Ellas birthday!

I need to start planning for that birthday of hers! I have two weeks from tomorrow. I need to start doing the decorations. I have the food and cake ordered. That’s all I realllyyyyy need, right? 🙂

Ella went down great tonight. She was so tired. I hope she gets a good nights rest before mommy baby swim lessons with her boyfriend Rylan tomorrow at the Natatorium.

Ella is doing so wonderful with her swim lessons. They are getting more challenging and she is showing that by her reaction to the challenge. She cries but it isn’t a pain or frustration cry. It really is just complaining. This week we started seeing her float more on her own. She floats up to 8 seconds on her own. She is also dunking her under facing away from her and letting her figure out to kick her feet up into a float. The next step is learning to flip over from her belly to her back. She has attempted it on her own a few times. She tries so hard, you can see her little body twisting but she isn’t quite there yet. Its so exciting to see your child learn a new skill. Especially one like this which could be vital to her survival one day. You really cant put a price on that. I would highly recommend this program to everyone. It feels to good to invest in your child and see them receive it. There really is nothing more completely fulfilling than that.








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