Growing Fast

25 Mar

Some pretty interesting things have been going on recently that have kept me from blogging!

Ella had a 99.3 fever one night last week. I didn’t think anything of it. The next day she woke up with a big red pimple looking blemish on her chin. I assumed that it was from excess drool. The next morning it had turned into a blister and there was a brand new blemish. Up pop two more on her feet and one on her tush. She now has a red rash all over her skin. It’s the worst on her shoulders and legs. The chin on pops and starts to heal. I google. I find out it could be chicken pox. I call the doctor. Nurse thinks it could be the pox too. They get me in the next morning. Meanwhile, Ella is her happy-go-lucky self, viciously attacking her sippy cups, crawling around and laughing at herself. I am quarantined in the doctor’s office and they take us back. Doctor says impetigo since it would be such an atypical presentation of the poxs. He gives us a prescription for a topical antibiotic and we are on our way. Two days later she is completely healed. I love my doctor! Phew, another sickness down in the books that we survived.

About two days into that, my lovely self developed the same cheese grater on throat sore throat with body aches and a rib popped out. Living on Tylenol for 3 days. Chiro popped rib back in place and loosened everything up. Love them! Surprisingly recovered quickly from the same illness that I have had 5+ times since Thanksgiving. I think my body finally might be getting the whole antibody thing. 🙂 I have an appointment with the ENT on Monday to check everything out. I do not want to be that person who is always sick. I will not let constant colds keep interfering with life!! Yuck! This is me and Miss Happy in the doctors office.

Put all that sickly stuff aside…here comes the fun stuff. Miss Ella started drinking cows milk! Yahoo! She is still breastfeeding morning and night but I started her on milk during the day instead of water to get her body used to it before we pull the boob at one year. I told myself I would never be that person who mourns the loss of breastfeeding. However, I am. I’m trying to prepare myself. It’s not for the calories, or the lack of period, it’s just the fact that she is growing up. The fact that we hit our goal. We made it. It’s over. I guess it’s the first feather on the wings that I build for Ella. What a sad little feather. 🙂 Grandma Jill picked up some good Horizon organic milk at Wal-Mart for Ella to have. She took to it right away. I started ordering Oberweis. She loves it also. It has a lower heat pasteurization which kills fewer nutrients than the Horizon so I will try to stick with Oberweis as much as possible. They deliver glass 1/2 gallon bottles to your doorstep every Friday morning. There is only a 99 cent deliver fee. I love it. They sell tons of other stuff including ice cream which I hear is to die for.


Another awesome but shes-growing-up-smack-in-the-face, Ella is starting to explore walking. You totally relies on you for support but you can hold her hands and she will take steps without you prompting her or anything. She is also slowly but surely learning to walk along the side of the couch, table, etc. She is so proud of herself too. She will stand up for a good while on things and play with her toys. Everyone is telling me that it won’t be long now. I feel like now she knows walking is an option, she will get better and better every day. I think I am still right on track with her walking steadily by my birthday. 🙂




Today Ella went to her first birthday party. Her friend Gabriel turned 2. Okay, so she really has no idea who he is but his mom is in my knitting group. It was so cute. They had it at a train shop where they had a giant train set up on a table with train cake, all sorts of breakfast food and a conductor’s hat for all the kids to take home. So cute. A little boy kept coming up to Ella and giving her hugs. I love to see her interact with other kiddos.

We also had a play date this friday with some kids from the neighborhood. Ella found this little guy, Easton, who is pretty much right on track as far as development goes with Ella. They seemed to enjoy each others company!



That takes me to Ella’s first birthday party. Reminder to self, never make your own party hats again. Too much trouble for a group of kids that probably won’t even keep them on. They will most likely become teethers for all the babies. I have Ella’s front door wreath done along with all the banners, flags, high chair decorations, and party favors wrapped. I have Ella’s kitchen pouches for the babies and we are getting Chipotle for the adults. I also have her raspberry sour cream cake ordered. Yum! Kiely is taking pictures the day before for her cake smash and she is also coming to the party to take pictures. I begged Jason for an early birthday cash advance to have a cleaning lady come on party day so I don’t have to worry about that. Two things I hate most in life, cleaning bathrooms and getting ready in the morning. Unfortunately, both things have to be done all the time.

I got to meet my friend, Heather’s, little baby boy, Parker. He is the cutest thing ever. He doesn’t even weigh 6 lbs yet. Can you believe that? Heather is doing an awesome job breastfeeding, parenting and recovering from her delivery all at the same time. I’m not sure if I would be handling it as well as she is. Super mom in the making! I loved holding in but in no way shape or form do I miss those really tiny infant times with Ella. Anyone hear the word colic? Yikes! She was a tough one until about 8 weeks. Jason is in the process of trying to convince me to have another one in two years. Meaning I would be pregnant in one. No way jose. I can’t even fathom that right now. My body is still recovering mentally and physically. Maybe once I get that all on track I will be more receptive. I’m still stuck on the five-year plan.

My house smells like heaven right now. I made yellow cake, peanut butter, chocolate chip, sweetened condensed milk bars. Don’t they sound divine??

Well, it’s off to bed! Church in the A.M.

Ella starts up lessons again this coming Monday making this the start of week 3. I can’t wait. It’s so aweosme to see her learn so much, so fast!

This is us at her Natatorium fun swim lessons. 🙂




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