Final Post

4 Apr

Ella you are one!! I can’t believe it.

I woke you up with a very loud and happy “Happy Birthday!”. Shannon sang you your very first Happy Birthday To You song. Jill, Shannon, Becca, Jase You and I all went out to Emmy’s Pancake House for breakfast in Avon. It was pretty good! You had Mickey Mouse pancakes and whole milk. Not too shabby for a first birthday breakfast. Then we went home and you got to Facetime with your Grandpa Dean at his work. You showed off your crawling and screaming skills. Then you went down for a nap. I made sure the house was silent for the two hours that you slept so you would be in a prime state of happiness for your big party. I ended up laying down at woke up at 4:30 in a bit of a panic. My parents, Linda and Grannie were already ringing the doorbell. Everything was pretty much in place, I just had to get you up and ready and myself ready really quick.

You wore a white onesie t-shirt with a word skirt that I made you. You looked adorable! We all ate Chipotle burritos, chips, guacamole, and salsa. We have Oberweis lemonade, pink lemonade, fruit punch and sweet tea. I also had the Soda Stream machine out. We had Colbie Caillat playing in the background. After dinner we did your first cake smash. You were a little hesitant at first but ended up liking it a little bit. I think you were still pretty concerned about everyone else looking at you. You had chugged down three pouches of baby food before the cake so I don’t think you were that hungry either. Then we opened presents. You had fun looking at all your new books. Aunt Becca got you a book that made you so scared. It is a Giant Animal Pop Out Book. Each page has one animal that unfolds to be a very big picture of an animal. Every time the animal popped out you retracted back and put your hands up. We have been scaring you since the day you were born and you have ALWAYS thought it was funny. It was so cute to see you retract back like that! You have since gotten used to the book and I think you are almost to the point of liking it now. 🙂

You sent every kid away with a book with a thank-you theme. I think everyone had a pretty good time.

The next day your dad and I took you to Kiely’s house for your one year pictures. You were having so much fun with the wagon, easter props and even the baking supplies. Then we got you all ready for the cake smash. Saying that you hated it was an understatement. You really, truly hated this cake. You pitched the biggest fit ever when your daddy tried to put some in your mouth for you to try. You screamed so loud, arched your back and threw yourself on the ground. The only reason the cake was smashed is because your dad was trying to break it up for you to taste it and you crawled through it a few times. You got especially mad when you got any of the icing in your mouth. This cake was a raspberry sour cream cake from Classic Cakes with buttercream icing. You can’t get much better than that. Silly girl! I am sure next year you will be devouring  your cake. 🙂

It’s hard to believe you are already a year old. You have grown so much though in such a short amount of time. Your daddy put together a video compilation of all the videos I took your first year. The night before your big day, we watched it all and marveled at how far you have come. All the videos reminded us of that very clearly.

Your one year doctors appointment went great. You didn’t cry for the first shot. Only the second. Your iron levels were fine at 11.7. Doctor said 4-6 oz. of cows milk a meal. Water the rest of the time. He also said no bottles which isn’t an issue since we stopped giving them to you at 9 months. You are in the 55th  percentile for height, 75th for weight and 80th for head size. Growing girl! You weighed 21 lbs. 12.5 oz.

Still no teeth! You are starting to crawl on your hands and knees. You are figuring out simple phrases like, “Where is you dog, kitty, grandma, water, daddy, etc.?” You also know what I mean when I ask you if you want some water or milk. You are still taking steps with daddy leading you. I’m so excited to see more and more of your personality come out this next year. It should be fun! This time next year I will have a walking, talking, giggling, sweets eating baby girl.

Swimming lessons are still going well. You hate them. With a passion. I will take 10 minutes of crying any day over your drowning though so hang in there. Today you wore a regular diaper and summer clothes. It is definitely harder on you to wear clothes and a regular diaper. Those things get heavy with water! We only have about 5 days left of the whole program until we go back to learn the swim, float sequence.

I’m going to slow way down in posts. Mostly because this blog was supposed to document your first year. I hope I accomplished that for you. When you get older, I will have two books to give you. My first blog which was my pregnancy and this blog. I hope you end up reading them some day and realizing how much we love you and how much fun you had during the times that you won’t remember later on. This book will end with all of your birthday pictures when they come back from Kiely.

I love you Ella Ruby! I hope the rest of your childhood is as fantastically fun and love filled as your first year.

With Oodles of Love,

Your Momma


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